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Wipe on Chemicals


Sensitiser is composed of liquid and powder, which are mixed to prepare the coating. It is then applied on a clean dry Micrograined Aluminium Plate with the help of sponge or cotton wad. It is advised to coat the plate under yellow light. The coated plate should be dried with cold air only.

The coated plate is then exposed through a negetive. The exposure time depends on the type of light source.


It is a lacquered developer which ewnsures longer press runs.

Shake well before pouring it on exposed plate. Go over the plate once, then sprinkle little water and again go over the plate with the same sponge. Presence of water speeds up the development. Clean the plate with water.


It is unique solution which desensitises the non image area and makes image ink receptive. Apply it on the wet plate, clean with water then apply thin layer of Preserving Gum Solution.