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P S Coating

It is a one step coating solution, used by conventional method for coating MF Plate in a whirler. As compared to Watrer & Gum Deep Etch, it is a simple process, which gives away to all the chemicals, required in Water & Gum Deep Etch process. It saves inventory to carry all the stock of the deep etch chemistry, saves time (comparatively 60% faster than the deep etch process).

  • New PS Coating is more health friendly as it has less odour. It is more safe as its evaporation rate is slower. It requires heating & air circulation in the whirler (Temp 130 C) It requires more time to dry the plate.
  • Greater image contrast after exposure.
  • More robust in performance.
  • Ideal for short to medium run jobs (imp. Up to 20K)
  • Prints on various substrate ranging from 50 gsm paper to 300 gsm duplex board and can print on Tin too.


Photosensitive PS Positive coating solution for whirler application on grained aluminium plate.


  • Ready – to – use, flammable coating solution.
  • Sensitive to heat and day light.
  • Compatible for use with grained aluminium plate.
  • Designed for manual coating on MF Plates using whirler.
  • Exposure to UV light softens the coating. Exposed coating is developed with PS Plate developer.
  • Flash Point 32 C

Application Instructions :

  • Fix the plate firmly in the whirler and adjust the speed at 50 to 70 rpm depending on the size of the plate to be coated.
  • Pour sufficient quantity of water in the center of the plate to rinse the surface evenly. Allow the plate to dry.
  • Apply the coating solution on the dry plate surface by pouing sufficient quantity at the center of the plate. Allow steady uninterrupted flow until the coating spreads evenly over the entire surface. Approximately 60 ml of coating solution is sufficient for coating one square meter of plate surface.
  • Close the lid of the whirler. Increase the whirler speed up to 80 to 100 rpm and allow the plate to dry completely. Put on the heater once the coting reaches the edges of the plate. Heater should be kept at 130 C.
  • Once the coating is dry, the plate is ready for exposure using UV light source of 370 – 420nm intensity. It is recommended to use the plate atleast 48 hrs. after coating for better results.
  • Exposure time should be determined by using an exposure control wedge such as stouffer or Ugra. Correct exposure will produce clear step 3 on the stouffer (Clear step 2 on the ugra PCW) after development.
  • The correctly exposed coating is developed with positive PS Plate developer, Developing can be done manually or in a plate processor.
  • Deletion of unwanted image areas, if any, can be done using standard PS Positive plate delete. For improved visibility and protection of the image areas, application of non drying surface ink is recommended.


Ensure adequate precautions as directed. Store away from sources of heat sparks, open flames and static electricity charges. Use of uncovered heating filaments in the whirler not recommended. Provide sufficient ventilation in the coating area. Insufficient ventilation and use of whirler heater during coating application could cause nausea and eye irritation.

Shelf life

6 months from the date of packaging. Keep the bottles in cool dark place for optimum use of the coating solution.


Once the coating bottle is open, it is advised to use the coating as early as possible.