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The group has diversified in to Organic agro farming and with a 50 acre farm at Mandvi Kutch in Gujarat near west seacoast of Ind

We have large scale plantations of Aloe Barbadensis Miller with state of art aloe vera gel processing facility to give you a quality product at very competitive price. We also have plantations of a few other medicinal plants like Euphorbia Tirucelli, Calotropis gigantea, Winthania somnivera, Pedalium Murex etc.

On the food grain & fruits front, We have totally organically grown Mung Beans, Seaseme, pearl millet & fresh dates all cultivated with utmost supervision under drip irrigation.

Being situated near sea coast we have access to Black Seaweed & Green algae, which alongwith Aloe vera, Euphorbia, Calotropis & Neem Kernalia have proven their worth as valuable eco friendly agri inputs.

For more information on Aloevera Gel, Aloevera leaf powder Organic food grains, fresh Dates, Eco friendly agri input powders and medicinal plants please enquire on.