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There are two types of offset blanket, conventional blanket and com­pressible blanket. Generally, the conventional blanket is excellent in the dot sharpness and solid reproduction. However, precise cylinder dressing is required because of its narrow range of applicable printing pressure. On the other hand, in the case of the compressible blanket, well-balanced printing may be performed by making the full use of the effect of the compression layer (micro air cell layer). Moreover, the sinking is less and it is possible to make the cylinder dressing easier and to install it with ease.

We started the sales of the compressible blankets in Japan for the first time, and our registered product brand name "Air Blanket" has become a synonym for the compressible blanket.

In general, the following relations are found between the surface coarseness of blanket and the printing effect.

We are in a position to supply both the buffed blanket and unbuffed blanket. The unbuffed blanket has a smooth surface, is excellent in the permanent reproduction of dot and has unique performance. The buffed blanket has good ink receptivity, and is generally excellent in the solid reproduction as its surface is buffed.

The progress of the buffing technique has made it possible to conduct the surface buffing finish of blanket with greater ease than before, allowing the further improvement of printing as a whole.

Classification of Meiji Offset Blankets

Meiji Offset Blanket are used widely by the leading manufacturers of printing machines as their designated blanket.